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Uniting for Haitian Coffee Excellence: Café 509 Announces New Partnership

Café 509 proudly announces its new partnership with a Haitian women-owned commercial partner driven by social impact, NK Partner. This strategic collaboration aims to drive positive change in Haiti, while also unveiling Café 509's highly anticipated premium coffee, Haitian Blue Mountain. The re-launch of this Specialty coffee marks a significant milestone in Café 509's mission of creating jobs, planting new coffee trees, and paying farmers more than fair and equitable wages while promoting Haitian Coffee Excellence. Deeply rooted in Café 509's values of social mission support and sustainable practices, this partnership demonstrates its commitment to socioeconomic development in Haiti. Through fair trade practices, education, and mentorship programs, this collaboration seeks to empower women and strengthen future social projects.

Café 509's Haitian Blue Mountain coffee is the epitome of excellence. Grown in the renowned Dondon, Cap-Haitien region, this coffee offers a taste experience that is unparalleled. The flavor profile is a creamy and tasty coffee with dark chocolate, hazelnut, and fruity notes, which will tantalize even the most discerning coffee connoisseurs. By purchasing a bag of Haitian Blue Mountain coffee, consumers not only treat themselves to a premium coffee experience but also contribute to the prosperity of Haitian coffee farmers.

In an ambitious endeavor to support the Haitian coffee industry, Café 509 has set a goal of selling 10,000 bags of Haitian Blue Mountain coffee by December 2023. The success of this goal will have a profound impact on the 2023 harvest, securing the livelihoods of Haitian coffee farmers and further driving economic growth within the region.

Through our collaboration, we aim to create sustainable opportunities and bring to market a coffee that showcases the richness of Haitian coffee heritage. We encourage everyone to join us in supporting Haitian Coffee Excellence.

To support Café 509's mission and experience the exceptional flavor of Haitian Blue Mountain coffee. Spread the news about this exciting partnership on social media to help uplift the voice of Haitian coffee farmers and celebrate the unity that drives excellence.

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