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Café 509's Social Impact

Beyond its exquisite flavor, Café 509 plays a role in Haiti's socio-economic development. Coffee farming has become a catalyst for change, lifting communities out of poverty and empowering the hardworking farmers. By choosing Café 509, you become a part of this transformative journey.

Working closely with a cooperative in Dondon, Cap-Haitien, we support 1000 Coffer producers who have found hope and stability through coffee cultivation. Each bean holds within it a tale of resilience, where dreams are woven into reality. With fair trade practices and sustainable farming techniques, Café 509 creates a ripple effect of economic prosperity, ultimately contributing to the growth and progress of the entire nation.


Support Socio-economic development

We are stimulating the economy of 1,000 coffee farmers' families by supporting their activities and paying fair prices resulting in having a better quality of life.

Supporting Education

Through our various initiatives, we aim to facilitate access to education, enhance the learning environment, and support the development of students' skills and knowledge. 

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Empowering Women

Empowering women in the workforce is crucial for achieving gender equality and sustainable economic growth. By supporting women workers, we can help reduce poverty levels, promote social inclusion, and drive innovation and productivity in our communities. 

Sustainable development

We are proud to work with a cooperative of coffee growers in Haiti who are committed to producing high-quality coffee beans using sustainable farming practices. Our shared goal is to help Haitian coffee regain its reputation for excellence and gain recognition on the global stage, while at the same time providing much-needed support to local coffee farmers. By working directly with these farmers, we are able to ensure that they receive fair compensation for their hard work and that they are equipped with the tools and training they need to grow their businesses sustainably.

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